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The combination of the following factors strengthens Madeira's position and in particular the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM, Madeira`s Free Trade Zone), as one of the most attractive jurisdictions for companies and investors in the European Union:

- The foreign direct investment is a priority for both Portuguese`s and the autonomous region of Madeira`s governments, and the conditions for its undertaking are increasingly prone;

- Portugal’s attractiveness and in particular autonomous region of Madeira’s as excellent destination for tourism and to establish residency, together with especially favourable conditions from the tax point of view for non-regular residents and foreign investors (Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit);

- The changes to the taxation of companies that occurred in 2014, which strengthen Portugal’s competitiveness as a holding jurisdiction and for companies that manage patents and other industrial property rights;

- The publication, in 2015, of the the IV special regime of State aids, under the form of tax benefits, approved and supported by Portugal and by the European Union, applicable to the licensed entities to operate in the scope of the IBCM, that will be in force until December 31st, 2027;

- IBCM’s features, with its CIT (Corporate Income Tax) rate of 5%, make Madeira an excellent platform from which Portuguese and foreign entities, can set up their international operation.

Some partners from Madeira felt the need to engage in synergy and constitute a corporation that would enable to provide the costumer with an excellence service, entirely geared to help taking advantage of the points listed above, especially in assisting investors and businesses that wish to establish operations from the IBCM. Intending to act as a one-stop shop it was created Connect Mind - Madeira Management, Lda, a consulting and corporate service provider, headquartered in IBCM.



We base our action on a true partnership with the client, providing information to support decision making, the definition of strategies, as well as the escalation of priorities about investments, cost control and strengthening of income, in particular by taking advantage of an advantageous tax jurisdiction in the European Union, the one of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM, Madeira`s Free Trade Zone).


Connect Mind – Madeira Management, Lda adopts an ethical, transparent and reliable positioning in its relationship with both customers and partners, based on integrity, rigour and confidentiality.

We aim a constant improvement, which includes the focus on training and the establishment of the most appropriate partnerships.


In 1980 it was approved the creation of Madeira`s Free Trade Zone.

Internationally, IBCM is seen as the fiscally favourable type of jurisdiction that the OECD has been trying to promote. Its regime, fully integrated in Portuguese`s and EU`s legal systems, is based on the paradigms of credibility and transparency, combined with a supervision able to reconcile flexibility and security. A company registered in the IBCM, as any other Portuguese company has unrestricted access to the European common market.

In 2015 it was approved the IV regime of state aid applicable to entities incorporated and licensed to operate in IBCM until 2020. These will benefit from a special tax regime, including the reduced 5% rate of CIT until December 31st, 2027.



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